Local Brewhouse

Specialty Drinks

Locked & Loaded Manhattan | 12
Bulleit Bourbon mixed with Sweet Vermouth and served on the rocks with fresh cherries.

Strawberry Lemonade | 7
Refreshing lemonade mixed with Skyy Strawberry topped with a juicy lemon.

Locals Legendary Long Island | 9

Blueberry Fizz | 7
Skyy Blueberry & Blue Curacoa mixed with cool Mist Twist & dressed with a lime.

Titos Mule | 8
Fresh muddled lime, Titos Vodka & Crabbie Ginger Beer- energizing and exhilarating.

Wave Runner | 7
Bacardi Silver with splashing cranberry juice & Mist Twist, topped with a lime for extra flavor.

Pittsburgh Cooler | 8
Skyy Peach & Midori combined tropical pineapple, orange & cranberry juices- garnished with a fresh orange.

Local Purplerita | 9
Espolon Silver, Chambord & Gran Marnier shaken with refreshing orange juice & lime juice with a hint of sours, and decorated with a rim of salt & a luscious lime.

Cucumber Melon Splash | 8
Muddled cucumbers and lemons swirled with Effen Cucumber, melon liquor, a touch of lemonade, finished with a fresh lemon.

Donny Boy Mojito | 8
Don Q Coconut and club soda spun with a splash of lime juice and fresh mint leaves- delightful & delicious.

Local Potion | 8
Don Q Coconut, Bacardi Silver & Blue Curacoa mixed with tropical pineapple juice.

Yinzerita | 10
The Pittsburgh style “beer-in” margarita; served with a beer of your choice in a chalice of frozen margarita! Margarita flavors include: classic, strawberry, raspberry, and mango.